Welcoming our new member, BoldArc

Published: March 31, 2017
Jyrki Salmela and Tobias Fröberg, BoldArc

From April 1 (no, it's not a joke), the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality company BoldArc is a member of SynerLeap, and we are so glad about it!

BoldArc logotypeBoldArc produces realistic tailored experiences based on real-time technology and offer both applications and a proprietary software for flat screen and VR & AR. They are one of the leading VR-developers for B2B, with a high standard in realistic VR experiences, both in respect to visual quality and interactivity. Up to now, they have primarily developed products for property development and interior design. They have now also begun to offer various products for industrial companies.

“To be a part of SynerLeap is a huge opportunity for us. The positive attitude from ABB / SynerLeap and the fact that they are taking an active role makes this so much more than a just regular frame agreement. We take the role as VR and AR developers in SynerLeap and through this we get access to ABB, their research and their clients. This is a very important milestone in BoldArc’s journey”, says Tobias Fröberg, the CEO and primary co-founder for BoldArc with a smile.

Camilla Kullborg, Head of Automation & Robotics at SynerLeap. Photo: Jonas Bilberg

Camilla Kullborg, Head of Automation & Robotics at SynerLeap. Photo: Jonas Bilberg

“We see a lot of potential in BoldArc and are looking forward to see what sort of collaboration projects they will be part of. BoldArc will be a great addition to SynerLeap and will add lots of knowledge, entrepreneurial spirit and positive energy”, says Camilla Kullborg, Head of Automation & Robotics at SynerLeap