RISE SICS Västerås and SynerLeap join forces

Published: October 9, 2017
Peter Löfgren, Managing Director of SynerLeap and Helena Jerregård, CEO RISE SICS Västerås are excited by the two organizations sharing same arenas and together targeting faster innovation cycles

In September 2016, ABB took a brave step by letting fast growing startups and scaleups into the heart of the ABB R&D center in Västerås. SynerLeap was born. Among the partners already from day 1, we found RISE SICS Västerås.

The first year has resulted in at least a ten-fold increase in interaction level between startups and ABB, and in many technology corporations and business corporations. 17 startup companies from all over Sweden are currently members in SynerLeap.

Now it is time to even further involve the external innovation system in the same ecosystem

“RISE SICS is among the first collaborators coming to mind”, Peter Löfgren says. “ABB has a lot of successful collaboration with RISE, and I am sure that our startup companies also would benefit by having them in SynerLeap. Hence I am extremely proud that now nine persons from RISE now have their own access-cards to SynerLeap, and we immediately find that new inspiring meetings are taking place by the coffee machine, and the road to the future is shortening.”

Helena Jerregård further explains: “I am eager to see what happens when the industry opens up, and when the best of the worlds between entrepreneurs and startups start to collaborate with ABB. Since technology is developing so fast, speed is essential, why being in the same ecosystem is key and enable us to create cool projects for the future. Hence we are excited to be part of SynerLeap.”