As a member company of the SynerLeap growth hub you will have the chance to reach a global market and scale up your business

What’s in the deal?

The SynerLeap membership brings many benefits, such as possibilities to…

  • Interact with ABB’s experts and scientists
  • Collaborate with our partners and other SynerLeap member companies
  • Participate in events and workshops arranged by SynerLeap, ABB and our partners
  • Increase your visibility and network through visits by public officials, venture capitalists, media and more
  • Meet ABB’s customers together with ABB

If you are part of the Nordics network you also get the chance to…

  • Work in a modern collaborative space embedded in the core of ABB’s research facility in Västerås
  • Get access to world class laboratories at ABB Corporate Research

Will your company fit?

We are seeking small and medium sized enterprises with…

  • A fast growing potential in the area of industrial digitalization, robotics, and energy
  • Some customers already in place and a potential to scale up
  • A willingness to collaborate with ABB, and our partners
  • A clear and solid IP and business strategy
  • No competition with the existing SynerLeap companies, ABB or any other SynerLeap partner

Apply now!

If you want to know more, please contact us!