As a member company of the SynerLeap growth hub you will have the chance to reach a global market and scale up your business

Becoming a SynerLeap member

Gain from a dedicated team, massive industry competence and complete infrastructure available at the ABB Corporate Research Center in Sweden.

No of companies per year

We are continuously scouting new members and are estimated to on-board around 40 of the world’s top notch startups as SynerLeap members each year.


Membership fee

Duration and offering

You will begin with a 6 month Aspirant Membership to start testing your ideas, concept and technology in what we call a hunting phase where we will support you to find a suitable receiver within ABB where your offer could be applied.

After your Aspirant Membership there is a possibility to extend your membership and become Full Member.

The aim is always win-win for all parties involved.

You will:

  • Get our support to identify a collaboration project inside ABB.
  • Get the chance to work in a modern collaborative space embedded in the core of ABB:s research facility in Västerås
  • Evaluate a potential collaboration as a full member going forward
  • Access ABB:s experts from R&D and the global business organization
  • Get access to world class laboratories at ABB Corporate Research
  • Meet ABB:s customers together with ABB
  • Access the SynerLeap network of partners and member companies
  • Participate in events and workshops arranged by SynerLeap, ABB and our partners
  • Increase your visibility and network through visits by public officials, venture capitalists, media and more
  • Possibility to get funding from ABB Technology Ventures


What startups should bring to the table

  • A strong willingness to collaborate, both with ABB, other startups and with our external eco-system.
  • A fast-growing potential in the area of industrial digitization with technologies that influence the future of how we power, produce, work, live and move
    • future of safe, smart and sustainable electrification
    • safe and smart operations
    • flexible manufacturing and smart machines
    • smart motion
  • PoC, or potential customers already in place with a potential to scale up
  • A clear and solid IP and business strategy
  • Preferably raised already seed round
  • Leave no stone unturned in the hunt for a collaboration

If you think a membership in SynerLeap would be valuable for your startup, please fill in the form below.