Meet the team!

Published: October 20, 2016
The SynerLeap team. From left: Peter Löfgren, Maria Aukland, Laila Wadstedt, Magnus Backman, Stefan Thorburn, Gaetana "Seana" Sapienza, Rolf Lindström, Camilla Kullborg. Photo: Jonas Bilberg

These are the team members you will meet at SynerLeap

We run the company very much like any startup, where each member does a little bit of everything, but basically this is what we do:

  • Peter Löfgren is our Managing Director and founder of SynerLeap
  • Maria Aukland will look into business collaboration opportunities
  • Laila Wadstedt is taking care of the back-office administration
  • Magnus Backman is our adviser in energy topics
  • Stefan Thorburn is our technology strategist
  • Gaetana “Seana” Sapienza is our facilities manager and the contact for the in-house member companies
  • Rolf Lindström takes care of communications
  • Camilla Kullborg is our adviser for automation and robotics

We are looking forward to meet you!