Stream Analyze joins Synerleap to accelerate analysis of IoT data on the edge

Published: December 3, 2018

Stream Analyze provides a simple and straight-forward tool for quickly and easily deploying ad-hoc mathematical, statistical and AI models to edge devices.

Their platform-independent small footprint software is easy to embed and interface with other systems. In addition to performing ad-hoc analysis and queries over data streams directly on your Edge devices, they enable building, training, running and deploying AI everywhere.

“We’re extremely pleased to join the Synerleap innovation growth hub, and see this as an facilitator for furthering our software within  Swedish and international industry. Through Synerleap, we are able to gain insight into ABB and their industrial know-how as well as thier business and customers. The era of Industry 4.0 and IoT is now, and both ABB and Stream Analyze are positioned to work side by side in this journey with Synerleap as the enabler.” says Jan Nilsson, CEO Stream Analyze

Their tool enables, enhances and acclerates analysis for predictive maintenance, product development and new business models such as pay-per-usage. Stream Analyze addresses the markets for main IoT investments: Manufacturing, Transportation and Utilities. Not only are a large amount of investments being made in these sectors, but all three of them are very mature regarding IoT.