The following list shows the active member companies at SynerLeap.

Adaptive Robotics

Vision‐based intelligence applied to human robot collaboration. Developed a planner which uses input from multiple 3D cameras to calculate the optimal global path for the robots in milliseconds. It makes the move very predictable, reduces execution time, and improves coworker safety.

Blixt Tech

The BL!XT breaker changes the game for smart metering and grid management. The breaker can retrofit with regular fuse boxes and fill the needs of existing breakers, remote controls as well as smart meters, in one single device. It’s also a tool for data analytics and demand side management, such as demand-responsive pricing and adjustable tariffs.


BrightCharger provides its unique technology to monitor and manage the device charging processes real-time. BrightCharger makes adapters and charging points smarter. Our algorithm stops charging and shuts down the adapter after the battery is full or charging completed, resulting in longer battery life, less battery and energy waste, savings in natural resources and improved safety. is a company of passionate, experienced developers who’ve crafted a bold and clever database for the fast, data intensive world, making speed and scalability super simple, open, and accessible — a solution that’s built to be sustainable for all.

Digital Nordix

Digital Nordix is a Managed Network Service Provider for wireless IoT such as LoRaWAN™ and BLE. Services include Remote Network and Device Management including IoT Security. DNX works closely with ABB and independent partners to provide robust end-2-end IoT solution.

Ekkono Solutions

Based on seven years of research at the University of Borås, Ekkono provides an embedded machine learning software that makes connected things smart, commonly used for predictive maintenance, automation, operations optimization, to make products more intuitive, and enable new data-driven business models.


Elonroad is a hightech electric road concept. It auto charges all types of electric vehicles when parked as well as when driving. Electric roads extend driving range and reduce the need of large and heavy batteries.


Everactive combines batteryless wireless sensors and cloud analytics to deliver end-to-end Industrial IoT solutions. The company's technology allows for low-cost, long-lived, and intelligent instrumentation of industrial assets that have previously been too expensive or dangerous to connect. Everactive's first products are designed to monitor steam systems and a range of rotating equipment, such as motors, pumps, fans, and compressors.


FlexeGRAPH is an Australian based start-up delivering nano-enhanced solutions for cooling and heat transfer applications. The founding team has extensive experience in developing and formulating advanced fluids with research into new fluid chemistries a key priority.


Flutura is pioneering the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Oil & Gas, Process Manufacturing and Heavy Machinery industries. It is helping companies increase revenue streams and reduce cost of operations, by maximizing asset performance and process efficiency. Flutura’s award winning AI Platform - Cerebra, has been rated as the #1 choice for industrial IOT & AI platform.


ForceN's paper-thin , force-sensing film technology is robust enough for industrial automation, precise & reliable enough for surgical robotics & robotic end-effectors, and light & compact enough for automotive & aerospace. The technology includes a tactile intelligence software layer that turns the minutest force/torque data (10mN and above) into actionable insights, at a high update rate (32 kHz ), in 6+ degrees of freedom (X, Y, Z, Pitch, Yaw, Roll). The ForceFilm can be laminated onto any stiff-structure to indirectly sense the forces applied. This is done by measuring the deformation of the structure itself. We are a complete system that includes: sensor, backend, and full digital communication.


Gimic put digital eyes in production lines. With a camera, you can reject bad items as soon as possible to minimize time further down the production line, continuously improve as more data becomes available and connect the data sources by provided integrations you already use.


Has developed the first software to create artificial hand motion that can interact in real-time. The software enables free and natural hand interaction in virtual reality and games. For robotics, the software enables real-time interaction for robot hands and grippers.


A Swedish start-up that invents, develops and sells novel graphene-based nanocomposites materials. GraphMaTech has invented the patented graphene nanocomposite Aros Graphene® that solves the upscaling issues of graphene.


Greenlytics provides weather analytics and decision optimisation tool for the power and utility industry. Using the Greenlytics Platform developing weather analytics solutions, such as forecasts for energy, power line heating or inflow wastewater becomes as easy as 123.

H&D Wireless

Bridging the information gap between physical assets and your company business system. Shipped more than 1,100,000 wireless products to date.


Motion Intelligence is the AI technology that understands the motion of things and people, and it will be one of the key drivers in the AI development. Imagimob's Motion Intelligence Products will help you make your products better and smarter.


Develops and sells its own technology NanoPlasmonic Sensing (NPS), within two business areas, Instruments and Sensor Systems. Within Instruments, the company sells instruments to researchers in materials- and life science. Sensor Systems develops sensors for specific applications, such as, battery management and air quality monitoring.


Mavenoid automates technical support with an AI-powered virtual agent that helps people troubleshoot, maintain, install, configure, and get advice about their products - everything a manual does and more.


Develops and deploys Software and Hardware solutions for real-time intelligent and collaborative production, with a special focus on adaptive automation in small parts assembly. MTEK refine and industrialize Industry 4.0 solutions bringing ground breaking solutions to the market by leveraging applied experience in production engineering & logistics.


My FC is a Swedish innovation company that offers thin, scalable fuel cells that are easy to dimension and adapt to any electric application. myFC develops hybrid technology solutions combining batteries and hydrogen-based micro fuel cells for extended usage and reduced carbon footprint. The company was founded in 2005 and was listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market in 2014. Its headquarters are in Stockholm.


We just don't predict the future, we make it. Our products integrate and deploy the best of advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques at every level of manufacturing.

Nova Innovation Solutions

Nova Innovation Solutions is here to modernize the polishing industry by replacing manual methods by automatized polishing system boosted by ABB Robots and new innovative polishing processes. The outcome when applied on a wide variety of industrial applications shows on significant cost decrease, improved reliability and enhanced quality. Additionally, the automatized polishing method removes unsafe working conditions and minimize the impact on our environment.


Numocity is a leading player in intelligent cloud based middleware for Electric vehicle charging / energy infrastructure. The middleware platform provides IOT enablement of existing equipment and cloud based analytics, business policies and workflows for accelerating adoption of E-Mobility.


With Omnio it is possible to connect to the existing PLC network without interfering with the PLC function. Because Omnio knows the datamodels of the different models of drives, there is no need to hire automation engineers to do the additional data extraction – it is simply a few clicks on the computer screen and the data will start flowing into the predictive maintenance application in a predictable manner.


Our solution: The operating system for enterprise AR. Our Operating System for Enterprise AR makes industrial maintenance, operation, and training as easy as using a simple home appliance.


RenBloc aims to disrupt the energy market through transparency and trust, by offering the conscious consumer, the ability to truly control what type of energy they consume.


Roboeatz is developing robotic systems to replace the human workforce in food service market. Our patent-pending machine cooks and serves complex individual meals made from raw ingredients without human help. It can replace from 3 to 5 workers, deliver perfect quality and contamination control, minimize the use of resources and dramatically lower labor costs.

Rugged tooling

Rugged Tooling provides software and hardware solutions for monitoring and testing internet protocol traffic at scale. Our products and services are trusted in 11 different countries by various authorities and suppliers of critical infrastructure. A system only works as well as you have tested it.


Bringing it all together: for the first time in the history of bolted joints, the ability to remotely monitor critical bolted connections is a reality – through the combination of advanced LED measurement, remote sensor technology, wireless communication and the Internet of Things.

Stream Analyze

Stream Analyze provides a groundbreaking analytic engine built with efficiency and performance in mind. It lets you respond in real-time to anomalies in data flows or handle cpu-intensive operations on massive data volumes.


Tributech is an industry-independent technology provider for a data notary and sharing service. Our Tributech DataSpace Kit acts as backbone for data services and business models in various industries or verticals. Our vision is the recognition of data as corporate assets and the associated need for data notarization with our technology platform.


Autonomy and automation are hot topics in many industries today and computer vision and machine learning are central to technologies in this transition. Univrses has solutions and services to make Things sense in 3D and understand the scene around them.

Viking Analytics

Viking Analytics enables organizations to convert their raw sensor data into smart intelligent data. Specifically, Viking Analytics' self-service analytics tools -- based on patent-pending machine learning algorithms -- enable the experts to prepare, process and analyze sensor data without being a data scientist. The tools also help experts to organize their insights and annotate data efficiently for ML applications.


Visium translates the latest Machine Learning (ML) research into impactful business solutions. Their team combines experts in Computer Vision, NLP, Signal Processing and Graph ML. They use their diverse expertise, for example, to develop sound-based predictive maintenance solutions, automate quality inspection for engineering products or optimize supply chains. With an end-to-end approach, they accompany partners from ideation to deployment and scaling of the final solution.

Volta Trucks

Volta Trucks’ mission is to reduce the impact of freight deliveries, lowering pollution and improving safety for the benefit of everyone. We do this by creating zero-emission driver centric logistics vehicles, combined with a unique Truck as a Service proposition simplifying fleet electrification. We want to accelerate change.


Through our unique positioning solutions for complex industrial environments, we help our customers in the industry manage their operations with a focus on safety, efficiency and productivity. By allowing customers to track their assets, machines and people with high accuracy in real-time we enable the right decisions to be made in a timely manner.

Entrepreneurial Solution Provider

Easy To Trust

Easy To Trust is designed to meet the strongly increasing demands of listed and internationally active companies from both authorities and the market. The company is a digital cloud-based system that is developed for professional sustainability work within large companies and organizations.


gyghub AB is a Swedish sustainability-focused technology startup that enables organisations to collaborate with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders to make sustainability truly inclusive, and connect with audiences with engaging and tailored content. gyghub is on a mission to make corporate sustainability bottom-up, story-driven and real-time.


Strategiverket’s mission is to enable collaborations between startups, scaleups, industrial partners, investors, incubators, accelerators, government officials and other important players in the vibrant tech startup eco-system. Tools and methods for digital meetings, visualization, networking, benchmarking, scouting, idea realization, scaleup program, co-creation, strategy workshops and more. (Strategy Factory Scandinavia)

SynerLeap friends

These companies have been our members and have left us for further endeavours. They are however still welcome to participate in our events.


Provides advanced solutions for functional testing, training and rehabilitation, by controlling speed and load using robotic technology while measuring progression. Used in performance development, sports medicine and research, each tool measure (with real-time feedback and cloud data storage) and develop the physical factors of human performance.


Develops and sells Acospector Acoustic Chemometer, a Clamp-on instrument measuring complex fluids in the process industry, delivering analysis previously thought difficult or impossible to obtain. The innovative technique can measure a multitude of properties simultaneously and delivers accurate measurements even on opaque, viscous or corrosive fluids.

Adaptive Simulations

A venture capital financed spin-out from cutting edge research at Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). The company offers cloud-based, fully automated flow predictions and design optimization.


A leading provider of software and services for visual and interactive physics-based simulation. The ambition is to offer the number one solution for interactive multi-physics simulations in the world.

Attractive Interactive

A game studio on their mission to enhance the industrial domain with the power of gamification to make operation effective, engaging, and enjoyable.


By automatically comparing new ideas with previous concepts, Automatch retrieves and presents documents that best affect the new idea. It happens automatically and without any requirement for interaction. If there is no matching on previous concepts, it indicates that you have an idea with potential. In this way, every review of an idea during the innovation process becomes a matter of simple comparison.

Byte Motion

The vision and goal is to provide the best software platform for telerobotics and telepresence for industries and home environment.


CargoBeacon is an information platform for more productive, cost-effective and safe manufacturing industries.


Specializes in methods and services for high-performing and cost-effective determination of robot properties such as backlash, friction, and non-linear compliance.


As a system integrator CombiQ AB provides you with all the tools you need for the digital transformation of your business. Remote machine monitoring, error diagnosis, automated access control and optimised machine maintenance scheduling will make your production frictionless and get you ready for the Industry 4.0.

Comsys Netpower

Develops and sells active filters and 380V DC systems for datacenter, telecom and commercial buildings. 380V DC offers great reduction in electrical power consumption and radical uptime improvement. Comsys Netpower is a pioneer in the 380V DC field with multiple references including integrated solar energy.

Disruptive Technologies

Their sensing solution streamlines the layers of the IoT ecosystem to remove bottlenecks and reduce investment risk. The information layer, data warehouse and communication layer are integrated, managed and secured all within the sensing layer.

Ecolibrium Energy

Ecolibrium Energy is a leading provider of Predictive Asset Intelligence for industrial and commercial enterprises. Ecolibrium’s Flagship IoT platform - SmartSense® helps enterprises improve their equipment efficiency and uptime using Predictive Analytics.


Installing the world’s first completely emission-free, road-based transportation system. They are rethinking the entire transport infrastructure from the ground up, creating the transport solution of the future.

Eneryield AB

Eneryield is developing machine learning based methods for intelligent analytics of power system signals. These are capable of classification and root cause analysis of power quality events, classification of earth faults and faulty feeder identification and prediction of power quality. The methods could be used for control of power electronic devices and power grid monitoring.


Introduces the Sharing Economy concept in combination with digital platform solutions into the B2B segment. Freelway offers a digital platform for providing transport solutions within larger organizations.


Your wireless partner in connecting your products and enabling your future IoT-offer. Based on our Future-Proof Coexistence Connectivity technologies, we offer radio modules and an operating system that can be integrated straight into your products.


A global leading provider of software solutions for mobile location based services.

MYVOX Ultrasonics

Miniaturized acoustics manipulation, low-power, 3D imaging solutions for: industrial - robotics - automotive gaming and consumer applications


Has developed NoviOcean™, a new innovative, patented 10 MW concept for wave energy conversion (WEC). Four independent sources now indicate power output equal to the world's largest wind power unit, but with weight, number of parts, deployment time and size about 1/10 of wind power offshore, a possible disruption in other words. Prototype design, construction and testing to be commenced in 2018.


Advanced hyperspectral imaging software for efficient development and implementation of chemical imaging in industry applications. Prediktera's real-time analysis and integration API provide chemical quantifications and spatial information of scanned objects enabling efficient process monitoring and machine operations as sorting or removal of foreign objects


Percepio Tracealyzer reveals what is actually going on in embedded and IoT systems during runtime. Trace the real-time behavior of your operating system and application, gain insight with sophisticated visualization.

Quant Co

Quant Co's state-of-the-art automated machine learning technology works as a flexible AI plug-in for smart home hardware, making them not only intelligent but also aware. It is a pure cloud based solution and designed considering the needs of home energy management and residential demand response schemes.


Vathos Robotics deploys computer vision and machine learning for applications in robotics and factory automation.


Vyer Technologies is making the interior maps of buildings searchable, collaborative, and enriched with data from external and internal systems. The result is a more efficient use of time and resources and provides a more joyful experience working in and maintaining buildings the equipment they contain.

We wanted to reinvent the wheel, and we believe we have.The castor system lets you move everything you have used to move, only easier. And quite a lot of things you have never even thought of moving. Because what we really set in motion, were ideas. Ideas about flexible walls. About changing room structures. About relocating heavy equipment just by telling it where to go.

X Shore

Rooted firmly at the intersection of new technology and traditional craftsmanship, X Shore strives to bring sustainability and innovation to the marine industry by manufacturing 100% electric boats.


Provides artificial intelligence and advanced control software and services to industry. Including its own software solution for AI-based detection of anomalies in machine data