Speed pitching for ABB Control Technologies

Published: April 24, 2017

At their annual meeting April 19, 2017, the managers from ABB's unit Control Technologies invited the SynerLeap member companies to showcase their work.

12 of our companies accepted the invite. First up were Evothings, Mobilaris and BipOn, which had about 15 minutes each to present their concepts in front of the auditorium. The meeting had gathered a mix of line managers, young talents and other operations development managers, many of them from the R&D side, and they listened to the presentations with great interest.

Speed pitching

After that session, the participants went out from the meeting room and was met by a mini exhibition. The participants were divided into small groups. Each group had about 5 minutes to spend at each SynerLeap company. This proved to be a successful format, or as Bengt Dalqvist from BoldArc expressed it: “If you can’t explain your business idea within a few minutes, there is something substantially wrong with your business idea.”

ABB Ability is the future of ABB and to reach that, you need to let people with different talents and knowledge come together to create an innovative environment so that new ideas and opportunities can grow.  This is what happened today,” says Sophia Sollén, Quality and Opex manager for ABB Control Technologies Sweden.

We want to repeat this way of meeting with other ABB units and have hopes for collaborative innovation and business projects between the startups and ABB. A BIG warm thanks to both Control Technologies who had the generosity to invite our companies and to our member companies for participating, you all rock!

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