SynerLeap member Graphmatech closes investment with ABB and Walerud Ventures

Published: September 12, 2018
Mamoun Taher and Björn Lindh, Graphmatech

Graphmatech AB, a Swedish materials technology startup and SynerLeap member, has closed a seed investment round led by ABB Technology Ventures (ATV), the venture capital arm of ABB, and Stockholm-based Walerud Ventures. Three other investors participated in the round.

Graphmatech has invented and patented a technology to ensure the separation of graphene flakes during the graphene production process, a difficult and until now unsolved problem in the creation of usable graphene. The result, Aros Graphene®, is a powder that can be dissolved in water, oil, plastics or metals, utilized to coat surfaces or 3D-printed without loss of graphene’s properties.

Graphmatech is ABB Technology Ventures’ (ATV) second Swedish investment and the first in a company coming out of SynerLeap. Malin Carlström, who will represent ATV on the board of Graphmatech, says:

“From day one, we have been impressed by the founding team and the properties of Aros Graphene. Graphmatech is building upon solid foundational research and its potential application areas have sparked great interest across the ABB organization, resulting in a number of promising collaboration projects. And that’s where ATV really shines: providing much more than just capital.”

Read the press release from ABB (Swedish)

Read the press release from Graphmatech

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About Graphmatech AB
Graphmatech AB is a privately held Swedish company based on research from Uppsala University. It develops, produces and sells Aros Graphene® and products including Aros Graphene®. Graphmatech is part of the InnoEnergy Highway and the ABB innovation growth hub, SynerLeap, and has received initial financing from the Swedish Innovation Agency as well as the Swedish Energy Agency.

About ABB Technology Ventures
ABB Technology Ventures (ATV) is the venture capital unit of ABB Group. ATV partners with breakthrough technology companies aligned with ABB’s goal to write the future of industrial digitalization and has invested nearly MUSD 200 into start-ups spanning a range of sectors including robotics, drones, industrial IoT, AI/machine learning, cybersecurity and distributed energy.