Here are the most common questions about the growth hub. If you can’t find what you are looking for here, don’t hesitate to use our contact form.

Which types of companies can be part of SynerLeap?

Any innovative fast growing technology company within industrial automation, robotics and energy is welcome to apply.

How many companies can be part of SynerLeap?

There is no fixed limit! We have 1100 square meters to play with and you can be a member with "free seating" in our collaboration space.

What kind of companies are you looking for?

SynerLeap is an ideal environment for fast growing technology companies working on innovative solutions. Let us know if you have any thoughts or ideas about companies that could benefit from and add value to SynerLeap.

How long can a company be a part of SynerLeap?

There are two memberships: Aspirant member is a six month membership which can be used to elaborate collaboration possibilities. Full membership is on 18 months and is aimed at executing a collaboration project.

When was SynerLeap launched?

SynerLeap was launched in the beginning of September 2016.

Where is SynerLeap located? And the member companies?

SynerLeap is located at ABB Sweden's Head Quarter in Västerås, which is approximately 100 km west of Stockholm. You are very welcome to visit, just give us a notice! Some of the member companies have their office at our location, but most of our startups are spread around the world.

Can the SynerLeap companies access ABB equipment, labs and expertise?

Yes, as long as ABB has the capacity. Requests from the SynerLeap companies to use ABB equipment, labs and expertise requires an approval from ABB.

Is ABB reducing its footprint due to SynerLeap?

No, SynerLeap will stimulate an open and collaborative innovation within ABB and will enable culture exchange.

Who is working for SynerLeap?

The staff of SynerLeap are ABB employees, with a few exceptions. You can find the team members at our contact page: https://synerleap.com/contact-us/.

What are the costs for the memberships?

This will be given upon request. Additional fees for renting your own desk/room will apply.